Amazing dining place in Soho, NY

New Year’s day, I went out with my sister and mom to a restaurant called Miss Paradis. It was unreal. The dishes were very delicious. The atmosphere was so perfect, the waiters were super kind, and all the staff there were just amazing. The executive chef, Adir Cohen comes directly from Tel Aviv. I truly loved it.

My mom ordered the potato soup, and we started with brussels with parmesan and an eggplant dish

For  our main courses, my sister ordered delicious zucchini noodles with veggie balls, I ordered tuna on-top of cucumber noodles and my mom got grilled salmon. The tuna in my salad was unreal, however I was not crazy about the cucumber noodles and the amount of parsley and the vinaigrette. My moms salmon dish was delicious, the sauce and the mushrooms and broccolini truly perfected it.

The winning dish of the night was my sister’s zucchini noodles. The texture and the flavor was amazing. Definitely looking forward to coming back to this incredible restaurant in the heart of soho.



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